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What It Means To Be An Aventon Ebike Dealer

What It Means To Be An Aventon Ebike Dealer

October 6, 2022

At Aventon, our goal is to motivate and encourage people to discover happiness through motion. Whether someone new to the world of ebikes or just getting back in the saddle, we believe there’s no better feeling than achieving what was once unachievable. From recreation to transportation to inspiration, Aventon ebikes are made for everyone in every stage of their life.

As a prospective dealer, your role in spreading the mission is simple: make the Aventon experience as exciting as possible and watch the joy on your customer's faces as they discover what makes them happiest. Our ebikes speak for themselves, and as a partner retailer, all you have to do is guide the way!  


What’s Unique About Partnering With Aventon?

You’ll never have to wonder how Aventon differentiates its standard for its consumers versus its partners. Simply put, we look after all of our people. We want to join your team, and we’re here to give you what you need every step of the way, so you can make the Aventon customer experience your own!

As ebikes have proven not to be one-size-fits-all, we wholeheartedly believe how we approach our partners should also not be one-size-fits-all. Whether you’re a traditional bike shop, non-traditional bike shop, rental shop only, or service center only, we recognize and celebrate the diversity of the entrepreneurial spirit. We never shy away from ideas, however big or small, because we were also born out of unwavering, entrepreneurial pursuits. We account for where you started from and are steadfast in the direction you’re going, all while working to be an extension of your team as you individualize your consumer's experiences with Aventon.


What Are The Benefits Of Partnering With Aventon?

We know it’s more than just buying bikes to sell bikes. It’s more than simply adding an additional stream of revenue to your business. Onboarding a new brand or new product is both an investment and a strategic decision. Especially if your business is still new to electric bikes! We know there will be considerations to factor in, but we can guarantee this from the get-go: we’re dedicated to making your experience with us as effortless and successful as possible, from day one and beyond. Check out some of the added benefits you’ll also get to enjoy as an Aventon dealer!

Excellent Margins

The standard we’ve set for our consumers also applies to our dealers: purchasing durable, reliable, and high-quality electric bikes shouldn’t break the bank. So, we don’t let it. We offer excellent margins to ensure you’re able to stock your floor with as much or as little inventory as you’d like. And when they quickly roll out the door, which we know they will, we always have inventory for reorder!

Warranty Labor Reimbursement

Regardless of where an Aventon ebike was purchased, if it rolls in through your doors, we provide the warranty parts and reimburse you for any warranty work completed. We give you what you need to succeed, so you can brighten the customer’s day and get them back to doing what they love.

Marketing Made Simple

We do the work, so you don’t have to! You’ll receive access to Aventon’s internal marketing support and online resources like Promoboxx, a platform that provides instant access to branding materials, lifestyle imagery, product photography, and automated Aventon-curated social campaigns. We make social media and marketing our products easy!

Free Shipping

What’s not to love about free shipping? Orders placed containing 10 ebikes or more ship free, always. That’s our promise to you.

1-to-1 Sales Support

Once onboarded, we assigned a member of our sales team to be your designated contact to Aventon. They’ll be your one-stop shop for all things placing orders, shipping, and support. Your sales representative will answer any and all questions you might have, but they won’t be your only contact at Aventon.

Dedicated Service Team

You’ll also gain access to a direct line with our service team to resolve any issues that may arise!

Visibility on Aventon.com

First things first is getting you situated on Aventon’s Dealer Locator. This will allow Aventon customers to locate your business through our “Find a Dealer” page, but that’s not all. You may also be the next featured dealer on Aventon’s blog!

Insider Access

We live in a constant state of ‘what ifs and ‘what’s next?’ We hear our dealers' and consumers' feedback and we’re always looking to improve and close any gaps. As a dealer, you’ll be the first to hear company updates, new product launches, and prospective models in the works. We keep you in the loop every step of the way!

Aventon Payment Terms

What happens if you need inventory STAT but are strapped for funds? We’re here to help! Offering up to $1 million in business credit, you have the power to buy now and pay later (30 days later in fact!).

Beeline Connect

Looking for a way to drive extra foot traffic through your door? Sign up to become an assembly center for Aventon.com customers! You’ll get a special badge added to your shop on our Dealer Locator so customers know they can buy online and pick up a fully assembled ebike from your shop, at no cost to you!


Check Out What Other Dealers Are Saying About Aventon

Aventon ebikes have a dedicated following of their own; Our customer base is well-informed and they know exactly what they want. What’s left is helping them find what they’re looking for closer to their home! Aventon ebikes quite literally sell themselves, and if you don’t believe us, check out what our other dealers are saying!


“It’s the look of Aventon that brings customers in. They just look good with great quality. We were so excited when we first physically got them in; They looked great and were easy to build. They’re overall designed so well, easy to use, and so fun to ride! Another standout feature about Aventon is how easy it is to do business and warranties with them as a company.”

- Debbe from Bicycle Warehouse, Southern California


“Aventon gives the best bang for your buck. No other bikes can replicate the touch and feel of Aventon ebikes. They sell themselves since they ride so well! I always say, ‘Just try them and feel for yourself; You’ll understand.’”

- Marty from Small Planet Ebikes, San Antonio, Texas


“I really like that Aventon includes a dealer network, and then specifically the bikes, the styling of course. Others are heavy, clunky, and utilitarian. Aventon can come in at the same price point with cleaner-looking welds, cooler colors, and a bike that looks like a bike and feels like a bike with real components. It’s the little details that separate Aventon ebikes apart from others. And people do their research, knowing they have choices in colors, Step-through or step over frames, and sizes.”

- Gordon from Amped Adventure, Lake Forest Park, Washington


“The strong support network Aventon provides us has, in large part, grown to be a success for us. For the price points, I’ve yet to find another ebike that offers as strong of a value as Aventon does. That’s what draws people in: very high-quality, good products for affordable prices. As soon as I signed up, I was added to Aventon’s dealer locator on their website which, for me, was huge. I have a brand that was working for me, increasing our visibility and bringing customers to our store!”

- Jacob from ATV Wholesale Outlet, Sacramento, CA


“As a car dealership, we’re always looking for additional ways to bring products to our existing customers. I reached out to Aventon and explained what we wanted to do, how we wanted to market it, and the potential a dealership could have in also selling bikes. They were on board and we signed up with their standard application process. We started out with Sinch because it’s so unique as is, and once consumers found out we were an Aventon dealer, they were inquiring about other bikes. So, we expanded our depth of supply and now have 1 of everything!”

- Peter from Berlin City Auto Group, South Portland, Maine


Ready To Connect?

If you’re driven by your passion, enthusiastic about what you do, and innovative in how you do it, we’d love to get to know you! Business owners who are always on the lookout for unconventional yet strategic methods to grow their business are individuals we not only want to eagerly hear out, but root for.

We can only hope that you’ve seen the potential in us, as we have discovered in all of your ideas, drives, and passions, and that we’re simply one call away from doing some extraordinary things together. For more information on how to become a dealer, please complete our Become A Dealer form and a member of our Sales Team will be in touch. We thank you for your consideration and can’t wait to join forces, making our team your team, and together, making a difference!

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Kristen Hall July 25, 2023

I recently bought a Aventon and brag about it at my work out in a tourist area, bartending. The whole small town sees me on my bike and everyone wants info and try’s my bike out. Since then the numbers of people wanting or owning these bikes went from a few a weak to every other day now. I sure would love to help promote your bikes. It’s a hit here. Plus we are surrounded by desert hills with lots of history.

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