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The Data is in the Details: What We've Learned About Our Riders From Our Color Display

The Data is in the Details: What We've Learned About Our Riders From Our Color Display

November 11, 2022

We’re not Big Brother. We promise. The use of information and data is commonplace in this day and age. Data and metadata is being compiled to give us insight into your riding behavior on a day-to-day basis. That way we can find new ways to understand what we can do better, how we discover where we can perfect the way you experience Aventon, and share with a wider audience the benefits of riding an ebike. That’s the truth of it. This is all about you. Our Full Color Display helps us (you included) to keep an eye on the metrics of every ride.

Let’s see what we’ve learned about Aventon riders so far!


Afternoon Delight

But first, coffee. Right?

Mornings can get a little hectic most days. Especially with kids or a 9-5 work week. Who’s got time for a bike ride when we’re too busy scrambling out the door. There’s an order to the day. We’ve all got our morning routines. It’s how we stay in rhythm with ourselves. And at Aventon, we’re all about rhythm (that’s why we use cadence and torque sensors in our bikes). Plus, the weather can be a little chilly. So when is the perfect time to ride a bike?

According to the information we’ve collected by Aventon riders, it’s all about the afternoon. It makes sense. After crossing off a few things on the to-do list and taking care of other obligations it frees up space to take space for ourselves. And the peak time seems to be around 3PM when the weather has reached that perfect temperature in most seasons. Our riders know what’s best.


Time Enough at Last

Who needs a day of rest when the outdoors are calling. Most of the week is filled to the brim with plans and scheduled appointments and other obligations, most of us running around all over town trying to get it all done that it never seems like there’s enough time to enjoy the day, let alone the moment.

So when do we find the time to go for a ride?

Sweet Sunday. That glorious day at the end of a long and productive week. That final day before Monday and the whole thing starts all over again. Sunday, like an open window. Sunday. Yup, that’s the day to explore the outdoors, to cruise the neighborhood, to hit the trails. And why not! It’s the perfect day. It says it all right there in the word itself. Sunday. Sun. Day. How beautiful. How exciting. How warm. Aventon riders have it figured out. They stay engaged with the right times, and the right days to make time for themselves, each other, and what’s good for the soul.


Set it to Cruise Control

Pedal less. Throttle more. That’s what an ebike was made for. So you can get around without exhausting all your energy and have plenty of juice left in the tank to tackle whatever comes next in your day. The true use of technology is to create opportunities for more in life, to get you where you’re going in a way that feels good to you. That’s why we do what we do. For you.

The average Aventon rider likes to cruise through the streets at an average speed of 13mph and rely on their throttle more than their pedals. We love it! That’s why the throttle is there. We want our riders to experience the world through energy conservation. Set your body to cruise control and let Aventon take you where you need to be, when you want to be there.


Go Fast. Take it Easy.

Get to where you’re going with time to spare. It’s really up to you.

While some Aventon models can reach speeds up to 28mph (Like Level.2, Aventure, and Pace 500.2), the average top speed of our riders seems to be maxing out at 20mph. That means either these models above aren’t being used to their full potential at all times, our riders are maxing out the models that do top out at 20 mph (the Pace 350.2, both Soltera models, and the Sinch), or it's time to go full-throttle. It’s understandable. Who wants to be going pedal to metal at all times. But it’s nice to know there’s always the option. If that’s your style.


How Far is Far Enough?

It’s not a competition. It’s about having a good time. It’s about doing what feels right and good with each and every ride for yourself. It’s about the personal connection between the rider and bike and the route they choose to take. With an ebike a mile can feel like walking to get the mail, and two miles a stroll around the block. We’ve found that our average rider will go 8 miles in a day! That’s nearly one third of a marathon. Piece of cake. All with the ability to combine throttle and pedal power. And with our new Level.2 equipped with a torque sensor that has a natural feel to your own rhythm, we’re sure this number will climb.


The Freakin’ Weekend

It’s not surprising that the weekend is the time to ride. It’s almost like our riders are ready to break out of the gate come Saturday and hit the outdoors. There really is no freer feeling than knowing there’s nowhere to be and nothing to do but be out there in it enjoying the moment and living for the ride. With ebikes like the Sinch or the Aventure the outdoors are only a pedal away. And not even that. All you have to do is hop on (or slip in with a step-through frame)! Think about it next time you plan a vacation to a National Park or your nearest favorite camping spot. There’s no reason not to find more adventure with this new found freedom.


Health is Wealth

Quick trips have only gotten quicker. Most people who have tapped into the Aventon app and accessed its capabilities of keeping track of their metrics have shown us that slightly more than 50% of all rides are less than 30 minutes. However, the weekly all-time average ride lasts roughly 40 minutes. Research has shown that adults need 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity weekly. This means that a good portion of our riders are getting 20%-70% of their recommended dose of weekly physical activity per ride. That’s great news! It’s important to get that heart rate up, and that blood flowing. And ebikes have given more and more people access to exercise in ways they haven’t been able to in years. Hills? No problem. Steep incline? Piece of cake. Long distance? Forget about it!


Stay Connected

The data is in the details. This we know. And with all the information you share with us, and vice-a-versa, we can continue to perfect the experience with every ride. Don’t forget to sync your phones with the exclusive Aventon app and stay connected with us and all your riding friends. We are, after all, the only ones that are doing this in the industry (Wink. Wink.) We’re always moving forward in everything we do. We want you to be part of that ride, too.

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