Riding Aventon at Masters World Track Cycling Championship

Riding Aventon at Masters World Track Cycling Championship

October 30, 2017

Kirk Edwards, of Team USA, reached out to us some months ago to ask us some specific details regarding our Aventon Cordoba Limited Edition frameset. Little did we know, he planned to race it in this year's Masters World Track Cycling Championship. 

We were happy to hear that Kirk was impressed with the frame after having raced it. These bikes are put through a lot of stress during standing starts and this proved our bikes could pass the test.

Don't just take our word for it, here is a personal message Kirk sent us following his race:

...Yes, I searched for a long time for a frameset that offered the race features that I was looking for: oversized tubing, tapered headset, carbon steerer tube, and aggressive geometry. This made for a relatively stiff and agile frame for my sprint-oriented races. But, having the flexibility to use the bike to train on the road was a big factor for me as well. Brake mounting was a piece of cake, and that allowed me to use the Cordoba wherever I was, not just on the Velodrome. Additionally, the long rear dropouts are a real boon, please keep that feature going forward. Yes, chain tensioners would be even better, but the dropouts meet the need as-is very well.
I frankly was shocked with what you all could provide for a price point well under $400 and I was unsure if it could handle what I was going to ask of it. Being the lead-out rider in a team sprint (which is my emphasis area this year) is arguably the most stressful service a bike can be put through, and when I built up the bike I was not sure if it was going to snap and send me to concrete. The ISO rating gave me the confidence to give it a go and the bike handled the torsion of standing starts very well. After a few training sessions, the bike earned my full confidence and I decided to ride it in this year's Masters World Track Cycling Championships, racing for Team USA.
The showcase event for me at Worlds was the team sprint and I rode with, and against, riders whose frames were easily ten times the price of mine. The fact that our team secured a fourth place and my starting lap times were the fastest on the track showed that the bike was certainly not a handicap for me.
Also, I was very impressed with the cordiality and helpfulness of the Aventon team. They had no idea that I was going to use their bike for this type of event. I was just another anonymous customer, but they still treated me as if I was a VIP, answering all of my questions with patience and friendliness.That says a lot about your team. Please don't lose that winning culture that you've developed. It really leads to great things down the road.
That is my general summary of the Aventon experience. Just let me know if you have any questions. One parting thought, you need to keep up the inventory of polished frames, they always seem to be in short supply!
With regards,
- Kirk

Thanks for riding Aventon, Kirk! Can't wait to see where you go!

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