Need more LOW in your life?

Need more LOW in your life?

March 14, 2017

You know you're livin the low life, when your car is as low as your Mataro Low. Our fellow hillbomber Rodney stopped by the shop to show off his freshly vinyl wrapped Mataro Low, and his super sleeper Toyota Cressida. Keep reading to find out more about both of his rides.

1. What came first your love for cars or bikes?

As a child growing up in Indonesia, I really didn't have much. So anything with wheels really fascinated me whether it was trains, cars, and bikes even toy cars. My first love for cars started with my grandfathers 1990 Toyota Cressida. I remember it was maroon with maroon interior along with the power seat and seat belts. Back then I remember thinking that he had the coolest car in our hood cause everything was high tech to me.

2. What was your first modified car?

My first modified car was a Nissan 200sx. Got it when I was in high school before I even got my license. What was funny to me was that I took the train to Sacramento to pick the car up and even asked the guy to teach me how to drive stick haha. I remember trying to look for aftermarket parts for that car and realizing that there were none. So I remember cutting the springs and modifying the exhaust and trying ways to make the car cooler haha. Now looking back at it it was pretty funny cause I did what I could while being on a budget.

3. What was your first fixed gear?

My first fixed gear was a Cannondale track back in 03 remembering that I ditched my road bike for it. Bought it off some dude in Craigslist SF for $450 for the complete bike, no brakes just cages. I knew this was the perfect bike hahaha.

4. Why did you decide to do the mataro low over the other aventon models?

I chose Mataro low cause I really like the look of pursuit frames. Just always catches my eye. It's not as comfortable as the regular Mataro, Córdoba and diamond but I'm down to sacrifice comfort to be gangster as hell hahaha jk. Maybe not haha.

5. What inspired your cressida build?

I wanted to be different. You see a lot of cars out there that looks the same. And Cressida has a soft spot in my heart. Knowing that there are more custom parts out now makes it more simple to look out for.

Parts List: 1jz-gte vvti. That's all I'm saying. Hahaha





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