Celebrating The Holidays With Your Aventon Ebike

Celebrating The Holidays With Your Aventon Ebike

December 22, 2022

Holiday traditions are what make the season exciting. Lights go up all over town. Decorations line the streets. Feelings of goodwill and joy fill the air and hearts across the country. It’s these holiday traditions that bind us to the past, connect us to the future, and bring us closer to the ones we love in the present. And the beautiful thing is that, though these traditions are a cultural mainstay, they are open to variation and can change over time. New traditions come to life as we start families, meet new friends, move from one place to another. And it’s these instances that offer the opportunity to make traditions of our own and dream BIG in the process.

At Aventon we believe in creating memories, building traditions of your own, and hopefully being part of your big dreams. That’s why we’ve come up with a few fun ideas with the use of your ebike that could add to your favorite holiday traditions.


Ride To See The Lights

Every year the same neighbors decorate their houses in full holiday regalia with lights and inflatable holiday characters. Some neighborhoods even have whole streets synchronized to holiday music that brings the scene to life. You know who they are. The colorful display dazzles and twinkles and glimmers in the cool winter nights making the everyday become more beautiful. And what’s more exciting than going out with friends and family to see the lights and spend quality time with one another. This holiday season why not take your ebike out for a ride to see the lights! Get out in the cool night dressed warm and cozy to see what makes each house unique. You can even take a cup of hot chocolate or coffee with you as well and make a night of it to make the experience more intimate.


Mobile Potluck

What would the holidays be like without the delicious food that comes with it! It’s the gathering around kitchens and dinner tables that bring people together, whether it’s for family dinners or neighbors sharing baked goods or friends having potlucks where everyone brings something to contribute to the warm atmosphere. And what better way for an excuse to use your ebike than to take this idea to the street! By coordinating with friends and family and neighbors, you can create a holiday mobile potluck extravaganza where each house is a destination providing food and drinks that will satisfy all your holiday cravings. It’s an opportunity to share recipes and baked goods, and get a good ride in as well! While you’re at it you could even use your ebike for a good deed and deliver donuts to your favorite community gathering places.


Holiday Ebike Parade

Weekend ride meet-ups are something of a tradition we cherish at Aventon. They bring riders together and explore different routes throughout the city and in nature. It allows them to congregate and share in the experience of enjoying the day outside and getting some good fitness in the process. But what if bike meet-ups could be taken to the next level in order to celebrate the holidays? That’s right. Why not make your group rides something of a holiday parade where everyone decks out their ebikes with holiday decorations to ride through the streets while playing holiday music straight from the saddle! This is a fun way to keep the tradition of group rides while getting the community involved to celebrate the season. Maybe there’s someone that wants to dress up as Santa Clause and the rest as reindeers. Maybe each bike is wrapped like Christmas presents and your helmets with tinsel and ornaments. Or attach solar Christmas lights to your bike and go for night rides. While you’re at it, get your local bike shop involved and spread the word throughout the community and make it something to look forward to every year.


In Closing

Spend more time outside this holiday season and create memories that will last a lifetime. Give yourself an excuse to ride your ebike and share in the joys that come with it. Quality time with friends and family, making lasting relationships within your community, and continue to spread the joy-ride whenever you can.

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