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Biking As A Love Language: Valentine’s Day Ideas For You And Your Loved One

Biking As A Love Language: Valentine’s Day Ideas For You And Your Loved One

February 10, 2023

Love is in the fresh air, and we at Aventon wouldn’t have it any other way. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought it would be a brilliant idea to make bike riding part of what brings you and your significant other closer together, because why not? It’s the perfect opportunity to create lasting memories, promote quality time, and enjoy the outdoors.

Since it is the day of love, and we love bikes so much, we thought we could come up with new and exciting cycling-themed Valentine's Day ideas to promote biking as a love language. Here are some creative ways to show and spread your love, on and off the bike.


Romantic Valentine's Day Bike Rides

Everyone does the dinner by candlelight date. While it is romantic and offers you and a loved one-on-one time to talk across the table in an intimate setting, we’ve thought up something that could change the dating game for good. This little rolling romantic evening involves the element of surprise and two bicycles. Instead of going to a restaurant, plan an afternoon ride where the destination is a simple dinner at a remote location to watch the sunset. If you have a portable speaker, bring it along and play your favorite music while you eat and watch the sun go down. This sort of secrecy can instill a youthful wonder and curiosity and excitement. Keep it simple, or go big! It’s up to you.


Valentine's Day Bike Accessories

Has your significant other been talking about getting a bike, but just hasn’t gotten around to it yet? Have the two of you been dreaming about riding together and exploring more of the outdoors, but they don’t have a bike yet? These unique Valentine's Day gifts for cyclists will surely keep them rolling.

So your significant other doesn’t have a bike, and the two of you have been wanting to spend more quality time together. Here’s the chance to make it happen! While an ebike, or any sort of bike for that matter, can seem like a big investment, the pros of purchasing your loved one a bike certainly outweigh the cons. Here’s why. Not only are you promoting an active and healthy lifestyle by finding more ways to get movement in your day, but you’re always encouraging and rekindling a sense of joy and connecting with them in a whole new way. These alone can certainly make the purchase worth it. Just think of the places you can ride together and the opportunities it can create not just for them, but for the both of you.

If they already have a bike, why not get them that special accessory they’ve been wanting to get. Maybe it's a rear rack to help take the weight off their shoulders on commutes or simply running errands around town. Maybe they’ve been wanting a new helmet with a light on it so they’re more visible at night. It could be they’ve been wanting pannier bags or simply a bell to help them let others know when they’re rolling down the road. Whatever it is, and for whatever reason, make it something special just for them.


A Weekend Bike-Away Trip

While biking can be a ton of fun, sometimes riding down the same streets can be a little mundane. Especially if you commute for work on a bicycle. It can also be challenging to find time in the throes of everyday life to get out and make time for the two of you. That’s why we recommend Valentine's Day cycling vacations! This can involve camping and bringing your bikes with you, or simply getting out of town to explore new trails in the surrounding area. You could even check out a nearby National Park! This idea might take a little more planning and a little more prep, but once you’ve created the space and set aside time to make it happen, all that’s left is enjoying the ride.


A Cyclist Memoir Or Magazine

Is your loved one a cycling enthusiast? Do they get excited about being on two-wheels just thinking about it? Do they eat, sleep and breathe cycling? Well, here’s the perfect Valentine's Day gifts for bike lovers to keep that flame alight. Get them a book or magazine subscription that will continue to inspire them. There are so many incredible people who have changed theirs and others lives through riding a bike. This sort of inspirational story could be what your significant other might love to keep that firing going. To get started take a look at Aventon’s Beyond The Bike series that spotlights some incredible humans with amazing stories such as Jen Cuevas and Chris Morgan, and how ebikes have changed the way they experience the world.


A Bike Ride Then Massage

Nothing says relaxation like a massage. But only after you give them a reason to need one. Take your loved one on a beautiful roll around town with intentional stops in-between or take them out trail riding for the day. While you’re at it, you could even try to beat your personal bests by going the distance and seeing just how far you can go to make the finale worth it. That way, when the ride is done, and both of your bodies are feeling the workout, then take them for that relaxing massage, or follow up the next day at a spa to reward yourselves for all the hard work. Spending quality time rolling on your bikes is a love language that you can continue to share for a long time.


Bike Maintenance

Maybe your love language is an act of service. What better way to show your loved one you care than getting your hands dirty for some good old-fashion Valentine's Day bike maintenance to give their bike the tune-up it's been needing to get them ready for the next ride. If you’re not mechanically inclined, you can also take their bike to your local bike shop and have them do the dirty work for you. Spread the love by supporting a local business and celebrating the thing that brings you and your significant other closer together.


It’s All About The Love

We love our riders. We also love all riders. That means anyone who rides in the bike lane and shares in the connectivity through the two-wheeled world. Aventon’s love of bikers and bikes is consistent in the way we show up for you. Continuing our efforts to inspire, ignite joy, and keep you in the saddle riding safe and ready for whatever comes your way. In the end it’s your happiness that matters most to Aventon. Ride more. Be happy.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Aveton.

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