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Aventon Increasing Prices on Ebikes

Aventon Increasing Prices on Ebikes

August 11, 2021

One of the cornerstones of Aventon’s mission is to provide customers with an affordable electric bike without having to sacrifice quality. We’ve built this reputation by allowing our ebikes to speak for themselves. Unfortunately, due to the state of the industry, we will increase the prices of our ebikes on September 1st in order to continue to deliver on this promise.

These are the two reasons why:

1. Ebike Tariff Overview & Timeline

In 2018, a 25% tariff was imposed on all electric bikes manufactured in China. Seeing as 98% of all electric bikes are made in China, means that the overwhelming majority of US ebike brands would be affected by the tariff including Aventon.

Fortunately, in 2020, US customs ruled that ebikes fall in a category that has been granted a tariff exclusion back in September of 2019. Therefore, ebike brands in the US that imported their ebikes from China no longer had to pay the tariff.

On January 1st, 2021, the tariff exclusion officially expired without an extension, reinstating the 25% tariff on all electric bikes.

Since then, we’ve been taking on an industry-wide 25% tariff on all of our electric bikes. These tariffs led to the price increase in efforts to continue serving our customers with unmatching quality. We’ve been trying to hold off for as long as we could and only came to this decision after we’ve exhausted all other options.


2. Rising Freight Costs

The cost of shipping containers across oceans has skyrocketed to new highs. Average freight costs have quadrupled from just one year ago. The interrupted supply chain has caused the shipping rates to drive upwards and trends suggest that it will not get any better for the rest of the year.


We’re Optimistic

With the popularity of electric bikes continuing to grow, people are understanding the benefits and impact it is having on both people's lives and the environment. Local and state governments are taking notice and starting to push policies promoting the adoption of electric vehicles including bicycles that can potentially make ebikes more accessible to more people.

One such legislation is the “EBIKE” Act introduced earlier this year that would give a refundable tax credit with the purchase of a new ebike! This along with other more local policies can help better the industry.

We value and appreciate your business, and are thankful for all your continued support as we navigate this very exciting and innovative category together with you. We look forward to all the adventures that Aventon will help contribute to in the months and years to come, please don’t forget to share those on social media and tag us at #MyAventon.

brian johnson August 30, 2021

Thank you for being so up front about the pricing increase. My wife and I were able to order our bikes this week! We can’t wait to get our Level and Adventure!

Bob Danneman August 30, 2021

Keep up the good work with fulfilling orders, I now have 3 Aventure e bikes 2 in hand and one just received a shipping notice. Great looking and fun to ride and gets me out of the house for some fun and exercise. I appreciate your warranty claims department I had a bent front wheel during shipping and got the replacement in
two weeks. Keep the Aventure rolling!

Robert Spengler August 30, 2021

I just ordered two Adventure bikes, helmets, and racks a few days ago. This will be the first time my wife and I have been on bikes in years. We are oldsters, so the electric assist will be welcomed.
I compared the three leading fat tire ebikes under $2000, and the Adventure came out on top. We did ride friend’s ebikes to be sure we were still capable of handling a bike, and all went well.
Looking forward to the arrival of our Adventure bikes and joining the Aventon family of riders.

Chris Gillespie August 30, 2021

I bought my Level step through just about a year ago. I have put well over a thousand miles on it, and I have two other bikes I ride as well. The level showed up and was in perfect shape. I have had zero problems with it and have recommended your bikes to anyone who asks about it. I appreciate that you share what is going on as it pertains to cost increases and supply shortages. I wish everyone one was as forthcoming. I just ordered the throttle upgrade and am waiting on that. Good luck with you business and keep up the good work.

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