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9 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Ebike Company

9 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Ebike Company

February 5, 2021

Over the last few years, e-bikes have been increasingly popular in the US. In the last few months, that popularity has exponentially increased and is sitting at an all time high primarily due to the pandemic. People have been looking for ways to stay socially distant on their commutes to work or school and those who are staying home are looking for ways to stay active outdoors. Ebikes have been the solution for many.

In response to these trends, numerous e-bike companies have ratcheted up production, along with the variety in their product lines. With so many options available, there has never been a better time to buy an e-bike. But, outside of finding the perfect ebike for you with the right specs and features, you must also consider the company itself.

To help you make a better decision of which ebike and ebike company to go with, we’ve put together a list of factors to consider when choosing an ebike company.


1. Do They Offer Free Shipping?

If you are looking to purchase an ebike online, it will obviously need to be delivered to you. So naturally one big question for the ebike company is, do they offer free shipping?

There is nothing worse than going through hours of research, excited to finally have found the right ebike at the right price point, go through checkout to only get slapped with a hefty shipping charge at the end of it all. Ebike boxes are not small so if the company you are considering purchasing from doesn’t offer free shipping, expect an additional charge.


2. Who Manufactures the E-Bike Brand’s Batteries?

When you’re shopping for a new electric bike, be sure to check who makes their batteries for the brands of bike you’re considering.

Batteries made by reputable manufacturers will provide you far more charge-cycle longevity than cheap batteries, partly because they go through more stringent testing processes.

For example, the batteries for all Aventon e-bikes are lithium-ion and made with high-quality Samsung Cells, most boasting 48 volts and up to 14 amp-hours of power. And, our Level Commuter bike has 672 watt-hours of capacity, perfect for extended commutes

The batteries we specify our e-bikes deliver pure, reliable energy for hundreds if not thousands of rides.


3. Do They Offer Financing Options?

As you probably already know through your research, ebikes are no small investment. While you may be able to purchase your ride all at once upfront, it is sometimes helpful to spread the investment over a period of a few months.

This becomes especially important in cases where you need a bike as soon as possible but don’t necessarily have the funds to purchase it right away. Financing can ease that burden for those customers who need it.

If the ebike company does offer financing, what kind of terms do they offer? How easy is it to get approved? Are there any additional fees? These are all things to look out for if you choose to finance your ebike.


4. Can You Take a Test Ride?

Much like looking for an automobile to purchase, you can narrow down your choices based on all the specifications and features on paper. You might know certain aspects that you are looking for such as motor, size, color, size etc. but there are always factors you simply cannot know until you take a test ride. The same can be said for ebikes.

Sometimes you just have to take a test ride to truly understand if the ebike is the right one for you. The biggest reason why someone may want to take a test ride is body position and overall comfort. While ebike companies can give you a general idea of the bike frame geometry and position, it is difficult to explain as it is mostly relative when it comes to comfort. Other factors that play into the decision to test ride include the pedal assist feeling, the weight of the bike, and handling.

Aventon is unique in the way that we not only offer ebikes directly to the customer online but we also have hundreds of authorized local dealer bike shops that we work with around the country to give potential customers the opportunity to test ride our ebikes. This has also given customers the opportunity to purchase their Aventon ebike through a local bike shop if they carry the model and size they want.


5. Do They Have Good Customer Support

Sometimes you can get so invested into research and finding the best ebike with the right specs that meets your needs that it is easy to forget about what happens after you purchase. Customer service is crucial when you purchase an ebike. Especially if this will be your first ebike you own.

Look into the company’s level and quality of customer support. It is more than likely that you may have a question about a feature or detail of your ebike and you want a customer support team that will provide you with answers. Even if you are pretty knowledgeable and tech savvy to begin with, it is good to know that you have something to fall back on.


6. Do They Offer Authorized In-Person Maintenance Support?

Much like a traditional bike, Ebikes will need a certain level of maintenance throughout ownership. There is no way around it. The amount of maintenance needed really depends on a combination of frequency use and distance traveled. A lot of the day-to-day maintenance can easily be done by the average rider however, there will most likely be times where you will need help from a professional. So it is important to understand what sort of maintenance support the ebike company you are considering offers.

Depending on the ebike company, you may find yourself in a situation where local bike shops near you aren’t able to service your ebike when needed. They may be unfamiliar with how to address any issues or they simply don’t have the necessary parts to service or fix any problems.

As previously mentioned, Aventon has well over 200 authorized local bike shops who are authorized and capable of servicing your ebike whenever needed. Not only are they familiar with our ebikes and their technology but they have the direct contact to Aventon for any assistance and/or service parts to better serve you.


7. Do They Offer a Warranty?

This should be a no brainer. Does the ebike company you are considering offer any type of warranty on your ebike in-case of faulty product?

No company is perfect and faulty ebikes are bound to get through to customers no matter who you are purchasing from. What is more important is how the company handles a faulty ebike. Be sure to read up on what kind of warranty the company offers and what the process is to file a claim. You wouldn’t want to get stuck with a bad ebike fighting the company to get a new one for an extended period of time.

Aventon has a warranty on all their ebikes and to file a claim is painless. You simple fill out a short online form and one of our dedicated support staff will reach out to you for next steps.


8. What are the Reviews Saying, and Are There Real-world Experiences on Social Media?

Checking the reviews and real-world experiences of people who’ve actually purchased the e-bike you’re considering is crucial. Are there Google reviews? Google has a stringent screening process for reviewers, so you’ll get a solid read on if the company has a good reputation and a great indication of how dedicated they are to their customers and products.

Looking into social media posts is helpful too. It’s a bad sign when companies don’t have any reposts from real users showing off their love for the product, and only share posts made by them.

Check out Aventon’s Instagram to see reposts of real riders and real customer reviews from Google.


9. Riding Environment and Style

Beyond the basic features of the e-bike, considering your environment and personal preferences will help you choose the bike style that best suits your needs.

If you don’t plan to take your e-bike off-road, there’s no need to pay thousands more than a city e-bike would cost you. Similarly, you wouldn’t want to take a city bike on a black-diamond mountain bike trail.

Here are some use-case considerations for each style of bike:



  • Short to medium commutes to work
  • Casual rides on paved bike paths
  • Riding around a campground with gravel roads



  • Medium to long commutes to work
  • Riding on paved bike paths for longer distances
  • Riding on the road for fun and fitness for medium distances



  • Riding to work where roads aren’t well-maintained
  • Riding gravel and dirt paths in campgrounds
  • Casual rides on gravel forest service roads



  • Longer commutes that involve public transit

For some commuters, it’s necessary to use public transportation on the way to work. Sometimes, buses, trains, and trolleys can be cramped places, making it difficult to lug a full-size bike to their next stop.

Folding electric bikes conserve space, making it easier to transport on buses or even in the trunk of an Uber to the airport.

Whether or not you’re riding in the city or on gravel paths in the park, Aventon has you covered with our full line of electric bikes. View our lineup of electric bikes.


Scott Parker May 05, 2021

We love our Aventon bikes. We purchased from a local dealer and that gives us peace of mind if we ever have a problem, we can go to the local guy and get it taken care of. We are at 150 miles on the new bikes and love them.

Scott Parker June 03, 2021

We love our Aventon bikes. We purchased from a local dealer and that gives us peace of mind if we ever have a problem, we can go to the local guy and get it taken care of. We are at 150 miles on the new bikes and love them.

tim May 05, 2021

glad you recognize customer support is primarily important when choosing a brand.
It’s nice to receive daily emails from you guys about your products but many of us are waiting to hear SOMETHING about the controller update you said we could purchase March 1.
seriously seems to be a blind spot with Aventon.
still love my Sinch even without that.

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